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System Savvy

A six-week online course where you will learn exactly how to set your systems up to run on autopilot so that you can spend more time on the things that actually make you money!

You didn’t start your business to be weighed down by admin.

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Your First Freebie

Ready to start collecting email addresses?
Let’s be real: getting someone to hand over their email address is no easy feat.
You've got the great idea! But, now what?
How does the pdf on your laptop get into another person's inbox?

Enter.... Your First Freebie!

30 minutes of screen recorded walk-through tutorials
1 weeks worth of templated nurture emails

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KILLER customer journey

Ready to start selling online?
I know you're idea is awesome, but does your ideal customer?

You've planned it, created it, uploaded it. So why aren't the sales constantly hitting your inbox?

My guess is that you don't have a clear journey from A to B.

In order to reach that *ultimate* heart-singing feeling of selling on auto-pilot, you need to have that A to B journey laid out in a super clear way so your ideal customer knows EXACTLY what their next step is.

Introducing your new best friend... Killer Customer Journey!

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