Supporting your students through your course delivery

Let’s talk about my two favourite things: Email Marketing and Course Creation. 

A super important part of your online course is the delivery sequence. This is the email content that goes alongside the delivery of your course content. Today I’m going to go through the four types of emails to have in your course delivery sequence.


Once they have purchased your course we want to send them a super excited, full of personality, glitter & fireworks welcome email. 

This email needs to introduce them to your personality but also deliver some logistics. 

I like to put a line in the email that says ‘Please look for an email from [course provider] with the subject line, Logins enclosed’. More often than not, they’re looking for an email that comes from you, and it will most likely come from your course hosting platform. 


If you are drip feeding our content, these are notifications that some content has unlocked. 

If you have released the entire curriculum upfront, but you want to support them through the process; you can space out emails that say “Hey, wondering how you’re going with this module? Do you have questions about this? I’d love to see if you’ve tried this strategy.” 

We are prompting them to return to the course.

We don’t want people enrolling and never coming back to actually view your content. We want results. 

You can even add lines in there so that you get a bit of social proof. Example: “Hey, if you’re working through this module, put this up on Instagram, tag me in your stories.”


Reminder emails are about live coaching calls, group coaching calls, live Q&A sessions. If you’re hosting any type of event around your course delivery, you want to have email reminders set up because I guarantee having a call list at the front of your course is not enough. People don’t put those things in their calendars. So you definitely need to be emailing them. If you can put a calendar invite in the email, amazing.


These are probably my favourite emails to set up for my clients and they’re probably the best in terms of time-saving.  We want that feedback so that you can then put it out there on your socials. Have it on your website, check it on your sales page, make more sales.

You can send a Google Form, a TypeForm or you can literally just put dot points in the email. 

Ask things like: 

“My struggle before I started working with Zoe was…” 

“My situation now is…” 

“Some amazing results that I have gotten since enrolling in this course…”

And that’s it! It doesn’t have to be complicated. 

You really want to be re-engaging your customers and making sure that they’re getting the most out of the experience. I mean, if you’re putting the time and effort into building out this content and this course, supporting them and showing up for live calls; you want them to show up and match that energy.

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